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A Startup Studio’s goal is to develop startup ventures until they’re full-blown, wildly successful, companies.


Startup Studios transform unique ideas into strong independent companies. These entities don’t run programs as accelerators do and they don’t have cohorts like incubators do. The secret sauce of a Startup Studio (also called a Venture Builder or a Startup Factory) is the way they work on startup ideas. The industry term for this is “operational model” but there is no reason to use vague language to make things complicated.

A Startup Studio’s goal is to develop startup ventures until they’re full-blown, wildly successful, companies. They do this by finding or developing great ideas, using technology and funding to build MVPs, and going through the process of validating these MVPs in the real world.

If all goes well, the Studio “spins off” the new venture- meaning the Studio recognizes this new company they’ve developed could be huge and now they need to find some people to run it as an independent startup venture.

Once they’ve recruited a team to come run the startup, the Studio team (who built the startup from scratch) hands off the venture to the new team and gets back to work on the next great startup idea.

As you can see, the Startup Studio model is very different from accelerators, incubators, and other innovation programs. Instead of using financial and physical resources to help entrepreneurs accelerate ideas, a Startup Studio uses its own internal team to do it.

The problem is, no one really knows about Startup Studios and that’s an issue for two reasons. On the one hand, it’s a problem for Studios because they can’t survive without amazing entrepreneurial talent- they need entrepreneurs to know about them. On the other hand, it’s a problem for entrepreneurs because they’re missing out on a huge opportunity to get their startup ventures off the ground or to join a team that they would be perfect for.

Peel is currently involved in the following companies


The new roof rack experience

Care Software

Cutting edge admin solutions for a variety of care needs and sectors


CRM and sales on a whole new level


Private parking made easy


The safest way to get help when in an emergency


Chairman, Peel Innovation: Gaute A. Ringvold
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CFO, Peel Innovation: Bjørn Lianes
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Office Manager, Peel Innovation: Line Ringvold
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